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He held his palm to his face
As if his last little bit of calm’d been erased
Feeling like he’d just been charmed by a snake
Alarmed by the taste in his mouth, no more bars to escape
But he’d stay in this prison if they let him
His parole board is saying he’s reformed so they set him
Free to deal with his devils on his own but they’re betting
When it’s all said n’ done that he’ll be back in the pen and
He wishes he’d be geeked for his freedom
But this cell’s the first place he felt free from his demons
Safe from the violence that he’d seen in his teens and
Safe from himself and his own streak of meanness
He had a dad but not a father
And his fists always been his most common problem solver,
Voice that’ll holler like a an old colt revolver
N’a temper like a tantrum throwin scorned lil toddler
But his cell was safe place his asylum
Where he could go and fake sane when he felt violent
A poster of the ocean that he’d stare at crying
He did a lotta damage on the outside and
He knows that he’ll never get his girl back
Hit her one too many times yeah he’s sure of that
He even hit her in the eye until it turned black
The most petty argument would turn to firm slaps
And she’d go inside the bathroom singing her songs
And he’d sit and try to tell her what he did was all wrong
And he’d give anything for a bit of her charm he feels as safe in his cell as he did in her arms


She said my shower got a window
It’s by the street I see the cars pass now I’m scared to sing though
Don’t get me wrong sir, I sing like a song bird
I’m the farthest from shy, off key or awkward
But I just moved into this new apartment
I had to part with an ex who couldn’t part with his darkness
He said I stole his heart, I thought he was heartless
He’s use me as a target leave marks with his sharp fist
As kids he used to meet me after school
Courtship bliss bein sweet actin cool
And then in front his friends he would treat me as a fool
We moved in together and he’d beat me black and blue
And so that bathroom was a home inside a home
I would go inside alone and console my pride moan
And groan and sigh and cry in privacy
Thinking oh good lord “what a sight to see”
It’s like- Blood dripping cleaning my nose
Singing he needs me he needs me by nina simone
And he would yell and he’d scream and he’d beat on the door
And I would just sing louder till he’d leave me alone
It was my sanctuary, my safe place
Where I could go escape hate and sing while my face ached
I don’t believe in much, that room gave me great faith
That I would be alright although my life’s been mistake laced
And now that fool’s gone and i’ve moved on
But it’s too long since i’ve got to sing a new song
She said your quite a step up from that last dude
I almost feel as safe with you as I did in that bathroom

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